GT's Inspection Division

Third Party Inspection, Shut down, Technical Manpower supply & in-service API/NDT inspections. GT's inspection division assists the industries to source and deploy strong and talented API/NDT manpower for oil refineries, petroleum refining, petrochemicals and power generation sectors on contract. (Short or Long term) GT inspection services with their experienced inspectors ensures to minimize client's down time and get the most comprehensive information possible on the condition of their Equipment.

GT's inspectors are highly trained API/NDE professionals and meet or exceed all industry requirements. GT provides extensive in-house training and ensures all of our API/NDT professionals are current on all relevant industry codes and standards. GT is committed to establish new inspection solutions for clients.

GT's qualified personnel have worked on various projects in India, Africa, and Fareast and in the Gulf region in various disciplines of API/NDT such as Radiography, Ultrasonic, and Welding, MPI, In-situ metallography & Positive Material Identification. The inspection personnel have worked on design, fabrication, construction, inspection and erection of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Towers, Stacks, Tanks, Plant Pressure Piping, Offshore oil wells and many advanced projects.

In an industry where safety and compliance are increasingly becoming the focal point of an organization, customers count on GT's In Service Inspection Services to provide access to certified professionals who are committed to maintaining partnerships that garner trust.

How we can help you, we have qualified inspector as per below details to support to you.

  • ASNT, PCN, NDT Level II/2 Certified NDT Technicians and Inspectors
  • ASNT, PCN NDT Level III/3 Certified NDT Specialist and Auditor
  • API 510/570/653/579/580/1169/571/936/577 Certified Inspectors
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors
  • NACE Certified Inspectors
  • Experienced Engineering Personnel
  • Refractory (API 936)
  • Turnaround and Shutdown Inspection Support
  • Safety Management
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Selection of efficient candidates for your complete technical manpower needs
  • Training and Certifications


Why Choose NDT with Global Training?

We offer you the most effective NDT methods to investigate the integrity of your equipment and assets. Our comprehensive range of NDT methods can help you:

  • Monitor the integrity of your assets using intrusive or non-intrusive methods.
  • Detect defects and irregularities before they result in severe damage or non-compliance.
  • Save time and money through fast and effective testing of your assets and equipment at every stage of their lifespan from manufacturing through to on-site operation
  • Ensure safe and reliable operation of your facilities.